Our Core Competencies

Technological Edges
More than 40 years ago,we started as the sole China large-scale chemical fiber producer specializing in high tenacity viscose rayon cord fabrics. And now we grow into a chemical fiber production base with a wide range of products from viscose filament yarn, viscose staple fiber, cotton linter pulp, cellulose films to refined cotton pulp, etc. In addition, we can provide our customers with superior services of designing, installation, technical consultation of chemical fiber projects.
Our R&D Center is staffed by exceptional scientists, engineers and other diverse specialists in this fast-moving industry. The center works in collaboration with the company's fiber businesses, to focus on development of new products, processes and technologies for cellulose fibers, value-added specialty pulp, cellulose films and on improvement of product quality and process performance. The R&D center has completed several National 863 projects,hi-tech R&D programs sponsored by China governments, obtained certificates and prizes such as "National Level New Products Certificates" and "National Textile S&T Progress Prizes "as well as more than 40 patents.
Human Resources Advantages
Over 40 years of operation brings up us a seasoned management team consisting of technical, managerial and operation professionals. In addition, we enjoy more than 1000 well-trained and experienced professionals with a diverse range of skills. However, each team member, whatever their role, shares the spirit of continual innovation.
Quality, Safety, Health & Environmental Assurance System
We are included on the first batch Chinese enterprises passed the certification. Striving for top-notch quality, we continuously improve our products and processes to meet customers' requirements. We interact with our customers, working on their feedback to provide better services and improve the quality of our products. We make efforts to create customers value and enhance the satisfaction of our customers. The certifications of ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and Quality Safety (QS) for cellulose films food contact guarantee delivering superior quality products and exceptional services to our customers.
Available Utilities
Close to Hanjiang River rich in quality water resources, we have a water plant can supply 200,000 tons per day and a thermal-power plant can supply 24, 000 kilowatt-hours electricity per hour and 325 tons steam per hour.
Railway Siding
We have a three-kilometer-long railway siding connected with Hankou—Danjiang and Xiangyang—Chongqing rail lines. Our railway siding track scale is computerized weighing system.
Location & Traffic Advantages
Located in the suburb of Xiangyang,the thoroughfare connected with seven provinces, the freeways connected the north China and the south China join the city,Hubei provincial sub-central urban and the National Famous Historical & Cultural City, we are 40 kilometers away from downtown and enjoy convenient transportation. The national highway 316 and Hankou—Danjiang and Xiangyang—Chongqing rail lines go across our main gate. Laohekou Airport and Xiangyang Airport can take off and land Boeing 737 respectively locating at our two wings.
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