10:15-11:15am || Future You

Rebecca Ervey

Rebecca Ervey has over 15 years of professional experience in career advising. With a proven track record of over 5,000 job placements, she is a trusted partner with recruiters and hiring managers in highly competitive industries that include entertainment and media, investment banking, management consulting, medicine, and technology. Rebecca joined L​eadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (L​EDA​)​ as the Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives in April 2017 and oversees their career programming including the LEDA Career Institute, a four day event for rising college sophomores. Prior to her work at LEDA, she worked at Prep for Prep for over ten years, most recently as Director of Professional Advancement, where she oversaw career programming and corporate engagement for 400 internship and full-time job placements with 170 companies annually. In addition to her work at Prep, Rebecca has extensive workforce development experience, from managing a tech internship program with CUNY schools, coordinating worker retraining, welfare to work, and public housing outreach programs with Bellevue College (Seattle, WA area), to serving as a job counselor with Washington State’s Employment Security Department. Rebecca received a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from New York University and currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband and two children – a daughter who plans to be a management consultant (so she can stay in lots of hotels and eat free food) and a son who wants to be a barber (with one signature style … shaved heads).